September 17, 2020

Book: Tiddler, The Story Telling Fish

Hello Kidz! 

We have a new book this week to share with you, which we think you would find fascinating! Here is Tiddler, the tiny fish in the ocean who loves to make up stories which will lead him and fishes around him to write their own...

Tiddler is all about imagination, story telling, being adventurous and how important it is to stay positive about all that is happening around you. Everyday, Tiddler is late for school, and everyday he has another story to tell his teacher. But did he really ride a seahorse? Did he really meet a mermaid? And who would believe him when he gets captured in a net? All children will see the big imagination and how to imagine with this book. 

Let your child have the big adventure with Tiddler and his stories.

Tiddler The Story Telling Fish

Enjoy the story by Julia Donaldson, and the illustration by Alex Scheffler!

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