July 29, 2020

School Readiness Program

Our School Readiness Program starts with the school opening in August.

We are so ready for our new term after all the uncertain times we have been through. Our children have been staying at home for so long during the most important part of their lives. We are sure you have done a great job keeping them busy and providing the educational support they need. Children are looking forward to meet their friends and socialise, and for many of them who are getting ready to take the next step to the kindergarten, they may need a little extra support on their unique journey.

We, #kipsteam, came together with our teachers and assistants, to build our children the School Readiness Program, built on their needs for their new school. Adaptation is really easy for children, however it's always good to have a smooth transition. 

We have prepared a wrapped up program from all that they have learned throughout their nursery times. Our program includes, phonics, shapes, colours, science, maths, music, arts, writing and reading.

Here is the program schedule. If you are interested, you can always reach out to us for more information.
There are two schedule options available for you: 
07:00 AM to 11:00 AM 
11:00 AM to 03:00 PM

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

July 26, 2020


Hello #kidzofkips!
This week we will continue one of Julia Donaldson classics, the legendary Gruffalo!

Last week, we got to know the writer of the books, but how about the illustrator? Shall we have a look at his profile? Let's check it out! https://axelscheffler.com/who-is-he

We are sure you will enjoy Gruffalo's adventure with the little mouse, who is apparently very very clever that makes everyone believe what they should believe.

You can have a look in Gruffalo's world from the link below. Just click Gruffalo's picture.

We are so amazed with this story. Its a great way to show our kids that it is possible to be brave and we do not have to be scared of any animal or anything that actually looks scary to us. What is important is actually what we believe.

Here is the amazing story, read by Alan Mandel.

If you could not get enough, here is the song of Gruffalo, sang by the author itself with Makaton (sign) language, and the guitar is played by his husband. Check it out!

Here are some actitvities for you to enjoy with your child, reading the book.

  • Draw or paint your favourite character from the story. Think about what colours and shapes you should use.
  • Using lego or cardboard boxes have a go at making a house for the Gruffalo to live in. Can you explain to a grown up how you made it?  
  • Using toilet roll tubes, have a go at making a log pile house for the snake, how many logs did you use?
  • The gruffalo was going to eat scrambled snake, could you make scrambled egg for lunch or make your own gruffalo crumble. Don’t forget to count and measure the ingredients.
  • Have a discussion about woodland animals,  can you think of any other animals the mouse might meet in the deep dark wood.

July 22, 2020

The Smartest Giant In Town

This week's featured book of  #kidzofkips is the Smartest Giant in Town, written by Julia Donaldson, and illustrated by Alex Schaffler! Here, you will be able to find your virtual set for the book. Let's start this journey together!

George didn't like being the scruffiest giant in town, so when he sees a new shop selling giant-size clothes he decides it's time to update his image. With smart trousers, a smart shirt, stripy tie and shiny shoes, George is a new giant. But on his way home, he meets various animals who desperately need his help. . . and his clothes!

Watch and listen with your child.

Here is a printable activity sheet for you to enjoy!

Here are some activity ideas for you to enjoy the book with your child.
  • Make up the song of the giant, and sing together with your child whilst reading the book.
  • Find the rhyming words and make sure you show to your child from the book, them while you are rhyming them.
  • You can ask your child to show you the clothes of the giant when he is shopping.
  • Show your child the little details of the pictures in the book and talk about them. There are lots of things going on behind the whole story, within the pictures.
  • Make a competiton with your child while reading the card of the giant at the very end of the book. Ask your child to show you what you are reading and make funny competition noises for each correct and wrong answer.