November 25, 2019

Track your child's everyday with "ICare"

ICARE Application is a communication, and an education follow up tool for both parents and teachers. With this application available, you will be able to see your child’s activities, which will be in half an hour periods. You will be provided a report of your child’s daily situation, which includes the mood, the food eaten, what he has drank, how many times has he visited the restroom or changed nappy, the main subjects that have been covered during the day.

It’s also possible that your teacher may write some notes on your report for that day.

We provide fun and daily stories on Instagram and Facebook of their routines and what they do as a learning activity. Please try to follow up if you are using social media. This way, you will have the chance to chat with your child about the school day with more solid knowledge, and encourage him to share all this experience with you when he is back home, which will boost your child’s learning curve effectively.

Icare Application at Kidz International Preschool

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